Business of The Business

Business of The Business taught by Christy St. John is a 2 week session.

WHERE:  RD Studio

WHEN: Thursday Nights 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

COST: $250.00

*** The Business of The Business!!!

This class is a must, taught by Christy St. John. This 2 day over 2 weeks course focuses on how to get jobs and make money acting in the digital age. Next session Thursday Night March 2nd. $250.00 Class size is limited to 8. ***

Actors must be vaccinated. Proof is also Required.

This course focuses on how to get jobs and make money acting. It is not an acting course, but focuses on the business side of The Business in the digital age.

Week 1: Headshots and Reel – Are your materials working for you? I’ll go through my materials, teach you how to prep for headshot sessions, and show you how to cut your materials together to form a reel that gets you in the room. Then, as a class, we’ll go through and look at your materials and discuss how they’re working for your. Bring your headshots and reel (whatever you have, an Actor’s Access resume is perfect).

Week 2: Auditions, Representation, and Being Professional – The secret to getting good representation is doing great work over time. Past that, I’ll talk you through communication with CD’s and reps, what tools you’ll need for the business side, and how to be your own best agent.

About Christy: Hi, I’m Christy and I’m five years into my LA  acting journey. I studied Mechanical Engineering in college which means I take a very technical and practical approach to the business of acting. In 5 years I’ve booked over 300 acting jobs, been flown to San Jose, Miami, and Thailand, and got reps that I love who get me out multiple times a week. If this sounds like where you want to be but you’re just not getting out as much as you think you should, this course is for you.