Jenna Fischer The Office, Blades of Glory, Walk Hard

Jenna Fischer“Robert’s class gave me the confidence and skills I needed to get to the next level. After taking his class for 4 weeks, I got over a dozen callbacks in a row! My agents took a new interest in me and I went on to book a pilot for The Office. Thanks Robert! I had taken a lot of classes that taught me how to be a good actor. Robert’s class taught me how to audition effectively. There is a consistency to my work now. And, I no longer complain that the part just wasn’t right for me. I feel like I can take on a much broader range of material. After taking Robert’s class, I can prepare a great audition in 45 minutes.”

Gregg Sulkin Faking It, Wizards of Waverly Place, Affluence Pretty Little Liars

Greg SulkinRobert isn’t just a great acting coach, he’s a great person, a mentor, someone who you can trust will be there for you at the end of the marathon. He doesn’t make you perfect, he makes you as prepared as possible to go into battle. Then it’s up to you to stand your ground and succeed. But you know always in the back of your mind, that Robert will be there every step of the way.

Nadine Velazquez Flight, Major Crimes, Catalina, My Name is Earl

Nadine VelazquezSo much of acting is not about what I thought it was and I thank Robert for constantly reminding me what acting is. It’s the wonderful world of make believe and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blocked myself from having fun because I thought it was about making money or being a star. I am proud to say that Robert has, in his classic Italian way, helped me find my love of acting again. I am not only a better person, but I’m also a better actress and each time I forget, (and I assure you that I do) Robert’s right there to knock me upside the head.

Stephanie Courtney The Groundlings Main Company, Flo Progressive Insurance, Mad Men

s538606525_2010044_7891“Robert D”Avanzo’s 6 week audition class is largely responsible for my increased bookings of late. He de-mystifies the auditioning process and somehow takes the pressure off of it too. You learn how casting directors see you, and what they need from you. He also taught me how to look at my sides, break them down, and prepare in such a way that I now walk into auditions with a lot more confidence and a sense of fun; a nice replacement for the nerves I normally experienced.”

Marcus Mitchell Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming

Marcus Mitchell“Upon making that leap of faith to LA, me landing in the hands of Robert was nothing less than Grace placed over my life. Robert is truly a rarity among acting teachers, someone who is genuinely invested in the growth of an actor. The first thing you learn with Robert is discipline, ‘you do not come out here to jump to the front of the line’, a vital lesson that should be instilled in all aspiring actors. Robert imparts in you the conviction you need as an actor to win the room, I myself can attest to that. He allowed me to give myself the permission to be great and now I expect nothing less. I am a better actor now due to the fact every time I audition or attack material, little Robert is right there on my shoulder coaching me through, and whispering in my ear, ‘You Are Great’.”

Casey Wilson Marry Me, Happy Endings, Saturday Night Live

images-2“Right after I took Robert’s class, things changed for me, as I had been told they would. It wasn’t about the craft of acting and method-y technique (this particular On Camera class) but rather about the practice of auditioning with confidence, knowing the medium of acting for the camera and giving yourself a break if your audition goes south (that I knew something about going into the class). Something clicked for me over the course of the 6 week, intimate class. Robert and I were not intimate, the class size was- only 6 of us. Not to be lame or kooky, but something Secret-esque clicked for me. I learned things there I never even knew I didn’t know. It is THE CLASS for solid actors who know how to act, but need to know how to audition and act for the camera. It’s the the class I wish I had taken right out of college. It will change the way you prepare for and execute auditions immediately.  It will change your attitude toward the business (for the better).  Robert is a gem. He is firm but compassionate, positive and funny and he knows what he’s talking about. I loved this class.”

Ingrid Haas

imagesJust like actors, there are lots of acting coaches to sift through in Los Angeles. Trust me, I’ve tried almost all of them. Look no further when it comes to Robert. He teaches in a way that both builds your confidence as a performer but also forces you to get better. I took his class and I privately coached with him throughout pilot season. After working with him, I walked into rooms and felt confident in my ability as an actor, I was able to get out of my head and was focused on what I was there to do: show them my work. (Classic Robert quote) Above all else, Robert is a wonderful man that I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with.

Autumn Withers

MV5BMTc2NjMzMDA5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODkxMTU2MDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_I remember driving home from my first class with Robert and thinking, why the heck didn’t I find this sooner? I felt like I had discovered a well-kept Hollywood secret. He isn’t teaching a cookie cutter technique or tricks, nor he is trying to keep you a student forever and make a mint off of actors. He gives you exactly what you need to get out there and be a self-sufficient, working actor. He teaches you how to be yourself and how to be completely truthful in your work. He teaches you how to look at any set of sides and break them down quickly and prepare a great audition. He removes the fear and mystery around auditioning by giving you real skills and structure in which to use. Now instead of nerves and thoughts like I hope this is what they’re looking for, I feel confident, prepared, and have a full sense of play when auditioning I’m actually having fun and seeing results. My callbacks have jumped and the feedback I’ve received on my auditions since taking Robert’s class is stellar. Also, Robert shifted my overall perspective of the business for the better and I am deeply grateful. And on top of that, he’s genuine, compassionate, positive, witty, encouraging, and knows how to get the best from his students. There is no ego with Robert and you instantly trust him. Robert’s class is hands-down one of the best choices and investments I’ve made in my career and it continues to pay off time and time again.

Steven Berg

MV5BMzk5NDY2ODE0OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjMxMDIwNA@@._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_You can be a great actor, or be a comedy genius, but the really tricky part is booking the job. After taking Robert’s class, I stopped getting in my head and was able to focus on showing casting directors my work. He has a knack for pulling out the best in you, and I don’t know anyone else who has that gift. Not only did he demystify the professional auditioning game, he made me a way better actor.

Daniel Amerman The Office, Arrested Development

close upI first found out about Robert’s 6 Week Audition Intensive 2 or 3 years ago when I was still in college from Jenna Fischer’s blog post about him, and I made a note to myself that he would be a good person to study with when I made the move to LA. When I finally moved out west, I quickly became frustrated because while I had been doing theater since I was in 8th grade and had even studied it at Yale for the past 4 years, the nuts and bolts of how to approach a career in the real world and how to audition properly were never a part of my curriculum. I took Robert’s class to see if he could help make me as comfortable auditioning for a TV show as I was in performing a play. Needless to say, his class completely revolutionized the way that I approach auditioning. For the first time, I feel like I actually have a specific method of preparation for auditions instead of just winging it. About a week after finishing his class, I booked a Guest Star on the Halloween episode of The Office and got to bond with Jenna in person over our shared admiration of how fun and helpful Robert has been to each of us. Pretty cool to come full circle like that. Thanks Robert!

June Raphael The Year One

JuneIf you are an actor auditioning for film and television you MUST take Robert’s class. Robert takes the mystery and fear out of auditioning and leaves you with confidence and REAL skills that you can use in any audition room! I have told every friend I know to run not walk to this class!

Paul Scheer The League, 30 Rock, MTV’s Human Giant, Bride Wars

-1Whether you’ve been auditioning for a week or ten years, Robert’s class is a must. His straightforward approach to auditioning will remind of things you’ve forgotten and teach you things you never knew.

Derrick Waters Married to the Kellys, Drunk History, 2010 Sundance Indy Short Winner

Derek“Robert has the amazing ability to teach you how to be yourself. Before working with Robert, I would play characters on how they would act in a scene. Working with Robert, I’ve learned how I’m similar to the character and play it more real. Real is the most important thing in acting and in everything we do. Robert is responsible for teaching me many ways of being real.”

Chris Caldovino Wolf of Wallstreet, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire

MV5BMTk5OTI4MjI0NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjkxOTYyMQ@@._V1._SX100_SY140_“Robert teaches much more than acting, he teaches you about yourself. His genuine, and caring way brings out the inner you, and helps you to gain confidence which allows him to bring your talent to the surface. I recommend Robert highly. He has helped me immensely. Robert is by far the best acting teacher in town.”

John Sloman Mad Men

-1_1I came out to LA to explore the TV and Film thing a couple of years ago, and even though I had worked on Broadway many times and done most of the TV shows that shoot in New York, I was unprepared for what I encountered out here. I had virtually no on-camera technique. I was getting some audition opportunities, but I was not delivering once I got in the room. Taking Robert’s On Camera Audition Class changed all that. Not only did he demystify the whole LA scene for me, he gave me the tools I needed to go out and book. Literally, I finished the class and the next week I booked my first job out here a couple of scenes with James Caan on LAS VEGAS. And I have continued to book and establish solid relationships with the casting directors out here, primarily because of how well prepared I am when I audition. It was the best money I ever spent. Following the On Camera class I joined one of Robert’s Scene Study classes. Robert is a master teacher and a skilled, insightful director who creates a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to explore the work. I don’t know about you, but I always audition better when I’m in class.

James Smith General Hospital, CSI:Miami, Judging Amy

4042 resized“Working with Robert D’Avanzo has been an invaluable experience. He has taught me how to be present and in the moment I have learned how to interpret what a scene is about and determine what i’s function is in the whole of the play, making the work ACTIVE and invigorated. I have learned to be comfortable with myself on-stage, with simplicity and purpose being my tools rather than using an actor’s bag of tricks. Most importantly, he has taught me how to speak as an actual human being with needs and desires, rather than just as an actor standing on-stage delivering lines. He’s quite simply one of the best teachers in the art and practice of acting that I have ever had. He has made a tremendous impact on my work as an artist, and I look forward to learning more from him in the future.”

Scooter Nelson Kiss the Abyss, Monk

SN-043_2“From learning the human condition in scene study, to facing the curve balls at the audition, to the techniques of on camera acting, I trust my career on the skills learned in Robert’s classes. Robert has not only guided my work to the next level, he has helped me stay there.”

Amanda Aday Carnivale, My Name is Earl, E.R.

AdayAfter 20 years of learning the craft of acting, I have finally found a teacher that has taught me to simply be an actor. Robert’s keen ability to observe the tricks I have picked up over the years, then help me rid myself of them has been of tremendous benefit to my career. He has taught me that weather I am on stage or in front of a camera I am enough and that is a lesson that is truly invaluable. His attention to detail, in both the text and subtext of the work, is as insightful as it is beneficial. The constructive and intimate nature of the class creates both an environment that is enjoyable and work that is gratifying. Over the years I have considered Robert’s class an investment in my career, and it has proven to be one that continues pay off. He is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood.

Ryan Mulkay

MulkayStudying with Robert has been an awakening experience for me. His attention to detail and emphasis on living rather than acting makes for a stronger, better equipped, actor. His Scene Study Class is honest and provides the guidance actors dream of to continually grow and move forward with the craft. In the 6 Week On-Camera Class, Robert takes the mystery out of the audition process and puts the power back into the actor’s hands. The time and attention that he devotes to each of his students is unmatched by anyone I’ve seen and the results are evident. His class should be a prerequisite for every actor in town.

Kee Chan Star Wars, Flat Liners

MV5BMTQ5MjU1Mzc3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzcyNTY3MQ@@._V1._SX89_SY140_I am privileged and humbled to have been directed by George Lucas, John Woo, and Franc Roddam. My most treasured moments on celluloid have been on isolated locations supporting and working with Patrick Stewart and Dennis Hopper and other warm, wonderful people. My treasured movieola holds my memories of those whose passion for this industry equals and eclipses mine, and do it for no other reason than they love what they do. Those souls empower, and I will never forget the wisdom, passion, commitment and love for this craft that Robert has shown me to rise above all impediments, and allow myself the freedom and joy of making my films the best I could possibly be. Robert elevates, nurtures, chastises and drives with a focus, clarity, and a gift of communication unmatched in all my years in this industry. Whether filming on freezing oceans in the dead of night, on a set in LA, or Nanjing Road, Shanghai, his words resonate and for a moment, I wonder if my commitment to my craft could ever match his passion and inspiration. For Robert inspires immeasurably, he just loves what he does.